In view of the imminent listing of its native token ($BBCN) in decentralized and centralized exchanges, BELOBABA announces the extension of BBCN utilities to the field of tokenized video games and eSports. Managed from the training center of the benchmark investment fund in the GameFi industry, and following the recent strategic agreement between BELOBABA and the leading Mobile Gaming club, Team Queso, the BBCN token now becomes a key asset in the process of integrating Blockchain Gaming in eSports.

This way, BBCN’s utility extension will allow not only professional investors of the first decentralized finance hedge fund with regulated security token ($KHAN), but also its community members and retailers to access exclusive initiatives, NFT’s launches and participate in the co-creation of business solutions in tokenized Gaming and eSports projects.  

«A token like BBCN enables greater engagement, enhances the business model and adds more value to the community and customer experience. It is a model that many companies will replicate sooner rather than later, as long as there is a real economy and a loyal community,» says BELOBABA president Lluís Mas.

In addition to its own website, where it can even be purchased via bank card, BBCN will soon be available on both decentralized exchange platforms and centralized exchanges: «We have made a very controlled launch on PancakeSwap. And after August, we will launch on Coinstore.»

Natural project feedback

Through BBCN, BELOBABA will not only bring investment muscle to projects incorporating Blockhain technology in the video game arena, but will also bring new opportunities and provide the know-how of its international community and the crypto ecosystem into the eSports tokenization process.

«For example, with Team Queso, one of the objectives we have set ourselves is training, which has been part of our DNA since our origins, in order to develop talent, educate and professionalize people who want to enter the world of gaming and eSports,» adds Mas.

 In his opinion, both sectors are at a time when «everything is still to be done». Hence, this is where he intends to «put the focus from BELOBABA». For our investors and for the crypto ecosystem in general, it is a statement of intent. Above all, to let them know that they can also participate in them through BELOBABA, explains the co-founder of the only fund driven by Spanish partners that is part of the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

As a member of the main body promoting this technology in the gaming industry worldwide, BELOBABA has gained the trust of professional investors and projects such as Team Queso, Outer Ring and Banger Games that, despite having their own tokens, will develop different strategies in collaboration with the fund. All this, with the aim that their respective communities «enrich each other» and «in a natural way», they feed back so that «cross-selling opportunities may arise between projects», concludes Mas.